“API Python ile hava durumu verilerini alma” kodu Cevap

API Python ile hava durumu verilerini alma
Weather information of any place using Python
import requests
import os
from datetime import datetime

user_api = os.environ['current_weather_data']
location = input("Enter the city name: ")

complete_api_link = "https://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?q="+location+"&appid="+user_api
api_link = requests.get(complete_api_link)
api_data = api_link.json()

#create variables to store and display data
temp_city = ((api_data['main']['temp']) - 273.15)
weather_desc = api_data['weather'][0]['description']
hmdt = api_data['main']['humidity']
wind_spd = api_data['wind']['speed']
date_time = datetime.now().strftime("%d %b %Y | %I:%M:%S %p")

print ("-------------------------------------------------------------")
print ("Weather Stats for - {}  || {}".format(location.upper(), date_time))
print ("-------------------------------------------------------------")

print ("Current temperature is: {:.2f} deg C".format(temp_city))
print ("Current weather desc  :",weather_desc)
print ("Current Humidity      :",hmdt, '%')
print ("Current wind speed    :",wind_spd ,'kmph')