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Shell Kılıf Örneği
# Basic syntax:
case "STRING" in
		echo "commands to perform if patterns matched STRING"  
        echo "commands to perform if to matched STRING" 
        echo "commands to perform if search matched STRING" 
        echo "anything that wasn't matched by the previous patterns"
        exit 1

# Example usage:
# If you want to write a bash script where you ask the user how to proceed, you
#	could do something like this:
read -r -p $'\nDo you want to perform this action? (y/n/q): ' RESPONSE
	case $RESPONSE in
        	echo "The user chose y"
        	echo "The user chose n"
        	echo "The user chose q, script aborted"
            exit 0
        	echo "The user chose something other than y, n, or q"
# Note, the patterns like [Yy]* will match the string in $RESPONSE if that
#	string starts with Y or y followed by any number of other characters. So
#	it would also match Yes, yes, yertyujiwjwijdwi, etc
# Note, if you want this message to keep repeating until the user types q, put
#	the above in a while loop that never ends (e.g. while true; do ... done)